NEW Class – 50 YEARS + Starting Tuesday 23rd August 2022

JKA D/B will be offering a new class for 50 years and above starting Tuesday 23rd August 2022- 1pm-2pm at the Japan Karate Association Dalgety Bay bespoke dojo , 82 East Way, Hillend Industrial Park, Dalgety Bay, Fife. KY11 9JF.

The class is designed to cater for those 50 years and over who have always wanted to start the martial art of Japanese karate but been unable for one reason or another. The class will focus on teaching the art in a gentle way, easing into teachings, it will also improve movement of the body, flexibility and strength. Students will be able to study at their own pace in line with any medical conditions/injuries present, we do not want to make your conditions/movement worse, but improve your quality of life through movement whilst learning the ancient Japanese art of karate-do as taught by the Japan Karate Association.

We offer 2 free classes to try and a half price beginners karate suit.

Further Information available form Sensei Bert Stewart via the contact page