Black Belt Passes for Dalgety Bay Dojo

 Black Belt Passes for Dalgety Bay Students 

Two junior students from Dalgety Bay Dojo successfully passed their first Black Belt(Shodan) under examination from Sensei Ohta 7th Dan JKA and Sensei Alan Simpson 5th Dan JKA (Special Dan Test Rights Holder for Scotland)

at a special course and Dan grading held at Queen Anne High School on Saturday 22nd June 2013.

The course was organised by JKA Karate-Do Shotokan(Scotland) for their members. 

The two students were amongst 25 students and Instructors who attempted first (Shodan) and second(Nidan) Black Belts. 

After a gruelling 3 hours training and studying JKA Karate- Kihon, Kata and Kumite in great detail , the Dan test began. 

Only 11 were successful , 6 passing Shodan and 5 passing Nidan. 

Pictured below are Bethinn Wright and Abbie McCulloch (Right), both students have been training for approximately 5 years and attend weekly at JKA Karate Dalgety Bay’s new purpose built Dojo , Unit 82, East Way, Hillend Industrial Park, Dalgety Bay, KY11 9JF.

Anyone interested in studying the original Shotokan Karate with the Japan Karate Association ‘The Keeper of Karate’s Highest Tradition’, 

please contact Bert Stewart on 07863135269 or Dojo 01383820252.