Instructor profiles

Bert Stewart - Instructor

Name: Bert Stewart, Rank: 5th Dan JKA, Started training: 1973

Dan Ranking

Shodan (1st Dan) - 1977 - Sensei Tomita 4th Dan JKA

Nidan (2nd Dan) - 1987 - Sensei K. Enoeda 8th Dan JKA

Sandan (3rd Dan) - 1997 - Sensei K. Enoeda 8th Dan JKA

Yondan (4th Dan) - 2005 - Sensei M. Ueki 9th Dan JKA

Godan (5th Dan) - 2010 - Sensei M. Ueki 9th Dan JKA

JKA International Licences

B Instructor- B Referee - C Examiner


1978 - 2nd Kumite - ESKA Championships

1979 - 3rd Kumite & 3rd Kata - ESKA Championships / Best Sportsman Award

1988 - 1st Kata- British Police National Championships

1989 - 2nd Kata - British Police national Championships

1990 - 3rd Team Kumite - British Police National Championships

1991 - 2nd Kata & 3rd Team Kumite - British Police National Championships

1992 - 2nd Kata - British Police National Championships

1994 - 1st Kata- 2nd Team Kata- 3rd Team Kumite -British Police National Championships

2000 - Member JKA Scotland Karate Team - Team Kata - JKA World Championships, Tokyo Japan

2004 -Member JKA Scotland Karate Team - Team Kata - JKA World Championships, Tokyo - Japan

1980 - 1995 - Member Metropolitan Police Karate Team

1995 - 2002 - Member Lothian & Borders Police Karate Team


1992 - 1st Member of MPMAA (Metropolitan Police Martial Arts Association) to be awarded MPAA (Metropolitan Police Athletic Association) colours

2012 - Final 3 - East Lothian Sports Coach (Performance)

2006- Assistant Coach - JKA Scotland Team - JKA World Championships, Sydney, Australia

2007 - Appointed JKA Scotland Team Manager

JKA Honbu Dojo Gasshuku’s

I try to attend the JKA Honbu Dojo (Tokyo) Gasshuku every year to study and, if required, take International Licence Exams, thereby enabling me to pass on the current JKA teachings directly to my students and JKA Scotland.


1977-1980 - Instructor Methil Dojo

1980 - 1982 - Member Martial Street Dojo- Sensei K. Enoeda 8th Dan JKA

1983-1995 – Member of various JKA Shotokan clubs in London

1997 - Founded JKA KEL - Musselburgh dojo

2005 - Founded JKA KEL- North Berwick Dojo

2009 - Senior Instructor Dalgety Bay Dojo

2013 - Opened only purpose built dojo in JKA Scotland - opened by Former UK Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Gordon Brown MP / Sarah Brown Founder of Their World Charity.

Sensei Bert Stewart

Karate is a way of life, not a sport. I teach 7 days /week and train most days of the week.  I train with Sensei Ohta 7th Dan JKA at every opportunity that I can, who, in my opinion, is one of the most talented / gifted instructors within the JKA.  I have made many friends from countries all over the world.

“We are caretakers of our Karate and as such must study and pass on as much information to our students as we can”.  JKA is Shotokan Karate, founded by Supreme Master Funakoshi Gichin and passed down through Sensei’s  Nakayama, Sugiura and now Shuseki Shihan M.Ueki,  9th Dan JKA.

I believe that we all have a duty to study, train, progress, teach and pass on quality karate-do.

Grant Reekie - Assistant Instructor

Name: Grant Reekie, Years Training: Eight years in total, Rank: 2nd Dan

Dan Ranking

Shodan (1st Dan) – 2015 - Shiina Sensei, 7th Dan

Nidan (2nd Dan) – 2017 - Kurasako Sensei, 8th Dan


Competed at National level as a junior grade, achieving medal success in both kata and kumite.

Instructor Experience

I have only recently become an Assistant Instructor at the Japan Karate Association, Dalgety Bay dojo and I am enjoying gaining the new skills required to teach karate.

Sensei Grant Reekie

I originally started training aged 12 as I wanted to develop some self defence skills so that I could look after myself, however after I progressed to the grade of 2nd Kyu (Brown & White belt), I stopped training for a number of reasons.  I always regretted not continuing my training so, after a break of 20+ years, I decided to return to Karate.

My next aim is to continue to train towards my Sandan (3rd Dan) Black Belt.  I enjoy the constant learning in karate training, the training is tough and demands full concentration.  I also want to continue to gain experience as an instructor and work towards formal training qualifications. The quality of training at our club is exceptional and it’s also a very friendly and helpful club where it’s great to see people progressing through the grades and improving their skills over time.