Covid-19 Crisis

JKA Karate Dalgety Bay is a family dojo – we want to protect each other. So we’re following government guidance and have locked the dojo until further notice. But that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped training. Sensei Bert Stewart is starting up Zoom classes as of Wednesday 22nd April and we’ve been hard at work improving the quality of the information on this website and our sister website, JKA Karate East Lothian. Dalgety Bay members will soon be receiving personal invitations from Sensei Stewart to your own Zoom training sessions, so look out for the details coming through soon.

We want to ensure that when we do get back to the dojo, we’re fitter than when we left in March – despite the temptations and distractions of a well-stocked kitchen… That means we all need to commit to home training – flexibility work, fitness training and technique work. Even in the smallest of spaces, the beauty of karate is that you can adapt. Even from the beginner stages, you’ve been given the tools to be able to properly punch, kick and block from yoi-dachi, the ready stance. Sensei Stewart will be covering how to train in a small space on his Zoom sessions. If you think about it, most self-defence situations involve close quarters action, moving at most a couple of stances as you evade and then strike your assailant – and sometimes the context won’t allow you to move too far away – think of a back-streets alley, a crowded street, a packed bar (remember these things?) So home training is a good preparation for these kinds of environments. Cultivate the spirit of perseverence and we’ll all be back in our dojo soon.