Covid 19: assessing when we can get back to the dojo

Like everyone, we’ve been keeping up to date with the Scottish Government’s public health advice on managing Covid-19. While we’ve been looking ahead and researching ways to keep everyone safe in the dojo, it’s too early to be definitive about when we might get back to training indoors.

Till then, please consider signing up for our Zoom classes or use the material in this website for home training. There are also excellent teaching instructions in your membership folders, plus a whole range of great resources on YouTube.

One of the key benefits of karate is the creation of a healthy mindset and patterns such as a regular routine – so if you’ve been training for a wee while, we’re sure you’ll have been coming up with ways to keep it going in lockdown! If you’re lucky enough to have access to an outdoor space, there are many things you can do in enough space for one step forward.

If it hasn’t been going perfectly, don’t stress about it. Karate is a daily challenge and some days you need to listen to your body, other days, train harder to make up for it and know that we’ll be back in the dojo soon. Karate is for you, no-one else.